30 May 2013

:: Hey this is my sweetheart! Me Love you! :) ::

Cakkk! Hey guys, it's me! Just call me baby anaQi. But my dear mom keep calling me "Adik". I have a wonderful family. They treat me very well and somehow i think, "Am I living in a castle right now? just the way a living of a prince" Hehe. Woah, Prince AnaQi. Gorgeous! HAHA. I love being a model for my mom as she loves to capture lots of photos of mine. I think I can post my album of mine in Facebook,Twitter or maybe Blogger too? Just wait for me to grow up a little bit older. then,I'll CONQUER my parents' gadgets and no one can STOP me. Jyeahhh xoxo 

That's all from me, thanks for lending your eyes and minds to read these. :) I'm feeling hungry now. Dear ibuku sayang, u have to be on time as i'm a very punctual person. Beware! I gonna cry in a high volume if i don't get anything I want on time. Take a note. Hoho xoxo 

25 March 2013

Bunny's Family

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten ;)

Welcome to The Family Dear !

25th March 2013 

Saengil chukahae Baby Boy! Hadiah nanti kat rumah Tok Bah ye? Congratulation too to my sista & bro-in-law! Jage baby baik-baik tau. Tak sabarr nk timang nephew baru ni. Kalau kekok sikit biase la tu, first nephew la katakan :) Alhamdulillah, lastly dpt jugak pgglan "mak saudare" . Ouch! I've been grown up. Haha. Takpe, Aunty ni baik + penyayang. Hewhew.

Muhammad Anaqi bin Muhammad Haffis nama diberi. Baby yang comel lagi handsome. Comel mcm ibu, handsome mcm ayah. Bertambah la sorang lagi dlm family ni. Your presence into this family really meant to us. Thanks for entering this family. You're one of the God Blessings to us. 

A Baby is born with a need to be loved, and never outgrows it. ;)