30 May 2013

:: Hey this is my sweetheart! Me Love you! :) ::

Cakkk! Hey guys, it's me! Just call me baby anaQi. But my dear mom keep calling me "Adik". I have a wonderful family. They treat me very well and somehow i think, "Am I living in a castle right now? just the way a living of a prince" Hehe. Woah, Prince AnaQi. Gorgeous! HAHA. I love being a model for my mom as she loves to capture lots of photos of mine. I think I can post my album of mine in Facebook,Twitter or maybe Blogger too? Just wait for me to grow up a little bit older. then,I'll CONQUER my parents' gadgets and no one can STOP me. Jyeahhh xoxo 

That's all from me, thanks for lending your eyes and minds to read these. :) I'm feeling hungry now. Dear ibuku sayang, u have to be on time as i'm a very punctual person. Beware! I gonna cry in a high volume if i don't get anything I want on time. Take a note. Hoho xoxo