16 May 2014

In the Midst of Hardship

"They were born amidst hardship,
and grew up without a sigh or a complaint, 
now they are in the kitchen,
making jokes while rolling their cigarrete leaves."

In the midst of hardship. Remember this guys? Form4 english literature! For sure all of us still remember this right? It's all about a farmer and his family that come back at dawn after being out in the floodwater for a day and night just for looking for his albino buffalo. They do not show any despair eventhough they come back in wet clothes and wet. They have been born into a life of hardship and have never complained. Now they are in the kitchen- joking and rolling ciggaretes while preparing to be relax. 

Well, speaking of that poem, the moral values that we can emulate here are we should learn to accept problems in life with a positive outlook. Life without problems would be meaningless. Attempt to face everything- obstacle, failure and etc. Dont worry too much and never lose faith in Allah. He knows whats the best for you. Always believe that something good is about to happen. Dont let your past steal your future. The journey is much easier when you are not carrying your past. Let bygone be bygone. May Allah wills it and bestow you with excellent moments in lives. Keep praying :) 

A good thing starts with Bismillah and ends with Alhamdulillah. Praise to be Allah for what I am today. Always be grateful and Allah will give you better than today Inshaa allah :) I have my mum and dad who always shower me with joyfulness, cherish my gloomy day and always treat me like a princess- on strike or sulking like a little spoilt child. I really do love them. Losing them in life is the biggest fear to me :( May Allah grant both of you longevity and live in a peaceful harmony marriage. 

And so what about friend? Yes! We need friends in life. Befriend with the one who can bring you closer to Allah is the best ever! A best friend is someone you can call anytime, just to laugh, cry, complain, or tell silly stories and they are still listen. It is so comforting. Being with friends is the best thing ever. Doing some silly and idiot stuffs is the most craziest moments in life and never left forgotten. Inshaa allah, may Allah bless all of us and hope our friendship lasts and never finds it's end. Friends till Jannah InshaaALLAH :) 

It is just ain't enough by quoting "thankyouu, terima kasih, syukran, arrigatoo, kamsahamnida" to all of you for entering my wonderful lifetime. You're just make it awesome! Thanks for guiding me and inspiring me anyway and do forgive all my wrongdoings and may everyon of you be blessed and loved by Allah swt. The new journey is about to begin friends! Goodluck in your studies. "STUDY NOW, LOVE LATER". Hehe. Be strong to face all the challenges coming into your modern life. 

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